Why Quality Drywall Work Matters

Orlando Drywall Company JH Drywall Hanging 2

So your newly built house is coming along and you’re getting anxious for it to be finished. It might seem tempting to cut corners on drywall installation because, “How hard can it be, right?”

At JH Drywall we know that it is important to have experienced and quality laborers on the job for you to love the end result of your project. There are many reasons why we believe you should trust a qualified professional with your drywall work.

Tough Skill to Master  

According to Build LLC, an architectural design firm, drywall is “one of the toughest trades to master. It takes a steady hand and a well-experienced eye.”

It also takes a lot of strength to hang the boards, and the taping and mudding are almost an art form of their own. Just like you would commission an artist to create beautiful work, think of your drywall contractor as an artist you are investing in to take your home’s beauty up a level.  

Tools of the Trade

Stilts, lifts, t-squares, and banjos, the list of specialty drywall tools can go on and on. The better the tools, the better the end results. The cuts will be straighter, boards hung more securely, and workers will be able to finish the job that much faster. You want a firm that has built their arsenal and is armed and equipped for the job site.

Experience with Materials and Spaces

Which size boards should be used? What thickness do you need? Which direction should it be hung? Will the lighting from those windows shine on the wall in a way that would make a certain finish look terrible in the sun?

Experienced installers have been on so many jobs that they know the perfect materials and finishes for each home. They know drywall is not a one size fits all equation and treat each job like the unique and custom project that it is.